The AIM Specialty Provider Portal provides clinical solutions that allow for rapid, safe, and cost-effective care. The AIM Provider Portal, which includes evidence-based clinical recommendations and real-time decision support, assists clinicians and their patients in providing optimal care to more than 68 million members throughout all 50 states and territories.

We use a multifaceted strategy to ensure that your members have appropriate, safe, and economical care. In addition, our solutions provide data-rich information regarding program performance and practice trends, allowing you to develop your strategy and manage your networks.

Inquiries that are frequently asked

What is the phone number for the Lens Provider Portal?

+1-800-252-2021 is the AIM Provider Portal customer care phone number (click the phone number to call).

In what capacity does the Lens Supplier Portal function?

The AIM Provider Portal allows you to place orders online.

What is the purpose of aim assist?

In order to help preschools develop inclusive settings for all children, the AIM model offers a variety of services and supports that are specifically tailored to meet the requirements of each child in the context of the preschool environment they are in.

In what way may I ask for proof of usage?

In order to start an app and connect to the proper AIM Specialty Health Provider Portal free number, call AIM Provider Portal Customer Service at (800) 252-2021. Applications can also be started online. To get started, simply go to this page and click the link.

The AIM Usage Review Program examines the use of which services.

Lists vary from health plan to health plan. Your health plan should have sent you a list of CPT codes and instructions on how to verify their proper use. AIM Provider Portal Customer Service can be reached at (800) 252-2021 if you have any further concerns regarding the procedure or would want a list of services offered by the AIM Provider Portal program.

Please tell me how to contact AIM outside business hours.

It is possible to make inquiries via the AIM provider portal or by phone at any time, and a voicemail will be returned the following business day for any out-of-hours messages left.

Is there a way to see if a request for user verification has previously been handled?

You can check the order numbers of completed usage verification requests online or by contacting AIM Customer Service at (800) 252-2021. For an online lookup of order numbers, go to this page.