Clinical Treatments

The AIM Specialty Provider Portal’s (AIM) primary objective is to advance healthcare that is not just sufficient but also safe and cheap. They are the top expert performance management partner for today’s healthcare organizations, and as such, they assist in enhancing the level of care provided while simultaneously lowering the costs of the most complicated tests and treatments available today. In 1989, it was first established.

Learn Everything You Can About the Clinical Treatments


The AIM Cardiology Solution is a cardiology benefits management program that was developed to assist in ensuring that its members who suffer from heart disease get a treatment that is both clinically acceptable and cost-effective. By assisting your healthcare professionals in providing the appropriate care for you, our cardiology solution helps to eliminate the need for unneeded tests and treatments, as well as the associated high costs, both now and in the future.


The AIM Radiology Solution is a radiology performance management platform that handles sophisticated imaging services and keeps the expenses associated with such services under control. Through our evidence-based standards, realistic trend reports, and active member participation, our solution has been a pioneer in the industry for over 25 years, making it possible to conduct sophisticated imaging investigations at a price that is both reasonable and clinically acceptable.

Our radiology solution assists your providers in selecting the most pertinent advanced imaging study for their patients, therefore cutting down on tests that aren’t essential and the expenditures that go along with them.

Health Oncology

The AIM Medical Oncology Solution is a program for oncology benefits management that encourages the delivery of cancer treatment that is supported by evidence. Because our medical oncology solution assures clinically appropriate cancer care, which may include chemotherapy and supportive drugs, your members will be able to avoid treatments that are both costly and of poor value.

Our medical oncology solution enables a flexible, value-based payment approach that promotes the adherence of providers to evidence-based pathways of treatment.

Genetic Examination

The AIM Genetic Testing Solution is a genetic testing performance management software that tackles both the clinical and financial challenges of genetic testing. This product was developed by AIM in collaboration with our partner InformedDNA.

Our method makes it easier to conduct tests based on evidence and draws attention to genetic testing laboratories that are connected to one another. It also has the potential to improve members’ access to genetic counselors who have board certification.

Our approach for genetic testing guarantees that the necessity for testing and the extent of testing are in accordance with clinically relevant standards, therefore decreasing the expense of testing that is not necessary.


As a participant in a health plan, you want to make sure that you get the appropriate treatment at the appropriate time and in the appropriate location by using the AIM Rehabilitation Solution. The most widespread issues that might arise in the field of rehabilitation medicine are conquered by using clinical eligibility screening in conjunction with member involvement.

Our method, in contrast to models that use a one-size-fits-all approach, employs the ongoing examination of many clinical criteria and grants requests for further patient visits only when the outcomes of the previous visits show that the patient requires them.