About Us

Healthcare benefits company AIM works with leading insurers to improve healthcare quality and manage costs of today’s most common and sophisticated tests and treatments, as well as promote suitable, safe and economical solutions. opt for outpatient treatment options.

Radiology, cardiology, genetic testing, cancer, musculoskeletal treatment, sleep management, and other specializations are among the many services offered by AIM Specialty Health, a leading benefits administration firm with more than 25 years of experience. It is our goal to make healthcare services more clinically appropriate while also increasing patient safety and ease of use.

Utilizing widely acknowledged clinical principles and an innovative set of technology and services, we work to ensure that specialized medical care is used only when it is absolutely necessary. Prior Notification Radiology Quality Initiative (RQI) is a program run by AIM that offers select Blue Choice PPOSM members access to training and clinical competency assessment for advanced outpatient diagnostic imaging services.

AIM Specialty Health works with Premera Blue Cross and Premera Blue Shield providers in Alaska. Working with doctors and hospitals, AIM is able to keep costs under control while also enhancing patient care. Our key priorities are patient safety, appropriateness, and affordability.

We are dedicated to working with health insurance companies to enhance patient care while lowering overall expenses. Our robust expert services platform provides therapeutic solutions supported by evidence across the many niche areas of medicine covered by a health insurance policy. Medical professionals and patients alike benefit from our thorough process for verifying your medical needs, which is in line with all applicable regulations and accreditation standards.

To help you give your patients with high-quality, cost-effective care, the AIM Provider Portal  Specialty Health® (AIM) rehabilitation program was developed. We are prepared to assist you and your office staff in managing the difficulties connected with physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy services through efficient program communication and education.