AIM Provider Portal

AIM Provider Portal, a holistic model designed to promote inclusive environments among preschool providers, aims to provide a wide range of services and support tailored to the individual needs of each child within their preschool environment.

The AIM Specialty Provider Portal is a simple and convenient way to access timely, high-quality care for your patients. ProviderPortalSM provides real-time responses 24 hours a day. The Supplier Portal provides suppliers with quick and easy access to member and entitlement information. Using the AIM Provider Portal, you can check on the status of a member’s contributions, payments, benefits, and eligibility.

AIM Provider Portal

The AIM Specialty Provider Portal offers clinical solutions that enable safe, appropriate, and affordable care. AIM Provider Portal helps over 68 million members in all 50 states and the U.S. territories receive the best possible care by providing evidence-based clinical guidelines and real-time decision support.

The clinical rules engine from AIM’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Applied Pathways, allows our platform to achieve significant savings in a growing number of clinical areas, such as radiology and cardiovascular medicine; oncology, specialty drugs; sleep medicine; and musculoskeletal care. A wide range of medical procedures, including genetic testing, rehabilitation, and surgical procedures.

Check Out the Registration Processes One by One

As a registered user, you can access the AIM Provider Portal Login’s services, but only if you register. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at any time.

  • Open a web browser.
  • Open in your browser.
  • Enter your AIM Provider Portal Login credentials when the page appears. After that, you’ll be prompted to fill in your own details.
  • Enter your full name exactly as you see it here.
  • To get started, type in your current location.
  • You must then provide a valid email address as the final step in the process.
  • After filling out all the information, press the Submit button at the bottom of the page.

A confirmation email will be sent to your registered e-mail address with your valid access credentials.

How registered users can log in to the AIM Provider Portal.

The official AIM Provider Portal Registration has been completed successfully. Simply follow these steps to log in to the AIM Provider Portal:

  • Make use of the official website.
  • To access your AIM Provider Portal Login, you’ll need to enter your login credentials.
  • Please re-enter your password for security reasons.
  • Then, press the “Connect” button on the toolbar.

aim provider portal login

The Aim Provider Portal has recognized your entry and has granted you access to all of its features.

How Do I Reset My AIM Provider Portal Credentials?

To reset, go to

After you’ve opened the page, click the “Can’t access your account?” link. A new page will be displayed.

For the password:

  • Please provide the following details.
  • To begin, enter your username.
  • Verification requires an email address.
  • You can either ask security questions or send an email.
  • Now press the “Next” button.

AIM Provider Portal forgot password

For the Username:

  • Please provide the following details:
  • First, enter your first and last names.
  • It is necessary to provide an email address.
  • You can either ask security questions or send an email.
  • Now press the Submit button.

Activate Your Password

  • provide facts and figures
  • For security reasons, please use a valid email address for your username.
  • You have the option of contacting us by phone or email to discuss matters of security.
  • Press the “Next” button to continue.
  • Read through the RealComp account registration procedures as well.

Inquiries that are frequently asked

What is the phone number for the Lens Provider Portal?

+1-800-252-2021 is the AIM Provider Portal customer care phone number (click the phone number to call).

In what capacity does the Lens Supplier Portal function?

The AIM Provider Portal allows you to place orders online.

What is the purpose of aim assist?

In order to help preschools develop inclusive settings for all children, the AIM model offers a variety of services and supports that are specifically tailored to meet the requirements of each child in the context of the preschool environment they are in.

In what way may I ask for proof of usage?

In order to start an app and connect to the proper AIM Specialty Health Provider Portal free number, call AIM Provider Portal Customer Service at (800) 252-2021. Applications can also be started online. To get started, simply go to this page and click the link.

The AIM Usage Review Program examines the use of which services.

Lists vary from health plan to health plan. Your health plan should have sent you a list of CPT codes and instructions on how to verify their proper use. AIM Provider Portal Customer Service can be reached at (800) 252-2021 if you have any further concerns regarding the procedure or would want a list of services offered by the AIM Provider Portal program.

Please tell me how to contact AIM outside business hours.

It is possible to make inquiries via the AIM provider portal or by phone at any time, and a voicemail will be returned the following business day for any out-of-hours messages left.

Is there a way to see if a request for user verification has previously been handled?

You can check the order numbers of completed usage verification requests online or by contacting AIM Customer Service at (800) 252-2021. For an online lookup of order numbers, go to this page.

Details Regarding Clinical Solutions

Our clinical health plan solutions target today’s most complicated and expensive specialties, guided by physicians and scaled by our automated platform. B. Medical Oncology, for example, is one of several clinical areas in which our independent solutions ensure that your members have access to evidence-based care. Suites allow you to provide your members with the greatest possible care at every stage of their journey.

Aim provider portal clinical solutions


Using the AIM Provider Portal Cardiology Solution, you can help your members with heart disease receive the most appropriate and cost-effective care possible. Imaging procedures and exams can be expensive and frequently used, but our system makes them easier to manage.


Our Radiology Solution reduces unnecessary testing and associated costs for your members, which in turn benefits your providers.

During the image ordering process, providers can be referred to reputable, economical imaging facilities or members can be led directly there via outreach.

About AIM

AIM Specialty Provider Portal’s (AIM) goal is to make high-quality, safe, and reasonably priced healthcare more widely available. Their expertise in performance management allows them to assist healthcare organizations in reducing the expenses of today’s most advanced tests and treatments, while also improving patient care. It was first established in 1989 and is still going strong today.

Using evidence-based clinical recommendations and real-time decision support, AIM Provider Portal supports more than 68 million members in 50 states and US territories.

Applied Pathways (a wholly owned subsidiary of AIM) provides the clinical rules engine that powers its platform, enabling significant savings in care costs in a growing number of clinical areas, including radiology, cardiology, oncology, specialty drugs, sleep medicine, musculoskeletal care, rehabilitation, surgery and genetic testing.

AIM’s growing list of clinical areas where considerable savings are conceivable includes radiology, cardiology, cancer, sleep medicine, musculoskeletal, pain management, and genetic testing. AIM is a completely owned subsidiary of Anthem, Inc. One of the most prestigious awards in medical management is presented by Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association (BCBSA).

In 2004 and 2005, the BCBS AIM Provider Portal gave them more prominence. There was an increase in the number of people who were supported by the organization. To top it all off, they were the first to be awarded certification by the NCQA. URAC accreditation, which we achieved in 1998, is linked to the certification.

What is the AIM?

Our key capabilities enable our payer partners, employers, and suppliers to provide creative, high-quality, customer-centric service by leveraging more than 25 years of expertise.

Quadruple Aim

The Quadruple Goal, as an appealing industrial framework, offers not only to enhance health but also to strengthen your competitive advantage. Adding to the characteristics defined in the Institute’s well-known Triple AIM Provider Portal for the Improvement of Medical Care (increase population health, enhance the patient experience, and lower costs), Quadruple Aim seeks to improve the working life of healthcare practitioners and their workers.

Evidence-Based Treatment

It is difficult to assist doctors in following the most recent evidence-based best practices. We make things simpler for you by using our clinical standards, physician-led outreach, and innovations. This is our preferred method.

Our clinical relevance verification methodology prioritizes providing the correct patient treatment on the first attempt, hence minimizing disruptions. Instead of merely rejecting treatment requests that do not first seem to match clinical requirements, we give information and openness to the medical community via clinical registration and peer-counseling processes.

Prioritizing education and successful contacts with providers leads in long-lasting behavior modification, decreased variance in treatment, substantial cost savings, and high provider satisfaction.

Collaboration With Vendors

Doctors and other healthcare professionals are vital to AIM’s mission. We value what is most important to providers: clinical integrity, efficient processes, and collaboration.

From the development of our clinical standards to the design of our peer review and counseling procedures, we include clinicians at every stage of our process. Because of this, our supplier satisfaction percentage remains at or above 96% year after year.

Responsibility Of Members

The era of consumer-centric health has here, but can the outcomes live up to expectations? Today, members bear a greater proportion of the expenses, making openness and education essential components of a successful membership experience. Healthcare businesses are seeking innovative methods to offer these enriched experiences in order to alter patient behavior, cut costs, enhance the quality of service, and increase customer loyalty.

Despite the fact that mutuals provide numerous resources, policyholders are often unaware of the cost of treatment until they get an invoice. They depend instead on recommendations from their physicians. As healthcare plans face increased pressure to adopt this customer-centric approach, they require assistance navigating members through a complex healthcare environment and ensuring they have the correct information to make healthcare choices.

Customer Support for the AIM Provider Portal

Please contact AIM Customer Service if you have any questions or concerns.

You can select the best person to answer your question by looking through the list below.

In the event of a query regarding a specific application or ProviderPortalSM, please contact the following person:

You can reach us at (800) 252-2021.

8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Standard Time

Aim provider portal customer

Inquiry in the field of sales

If you have any sales-related inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our senior vice president of growth and marketing, Fred Karutz, and our director of growth and customer relationships, Peter Kraft, will be handling your request. They will get back to you within 24 hours if you send them a message.

You may also call them at the following number:

Fred Karutz:

  • Senior Vice President of Marketing and Growth
  • 224-415-1383

Pierre Kraft 

  • Director of Partnerships and Customer Development
  • 224-707-7242

Call 1-800-252-2021 or send an email to our customer service staff if you have questions regarding a particular case.

The sales team is unable to respond to inquiries concerning specific clinical situations.

Advice to the Media

Lori McLaughlin, our Director of Media Relations, will get back to you as soon as possible with a response to your inquiry. Visit our newsroom for press releases and other AIM-related information.

Recommendation: contact the customer service department for any inquiries regarding a specific instance.

Final Words 

AIM seeks to provide its patients with economical, appropriate, and safe healthcare through partnering with its clients. AIM’s primary goal is to offer its patients access to high-quality healthcare that is both inexpensive and safe.

It’s important for the company’s success to have a strong sense of cooperation and responsiveness as well as service quality, innovation, and adaptability as fundamental principles. Specialist benefits management is critical to today’s premier health care organizations, which rely on us to enhance the quality of care and minimize costs for the most complicated tests and procedures.